Title: "First Load"

Photographer: Carol Hunter



Tommy Cates
Wesley Wach
Karrie Landis
Luke goessling
Krista Jansen
Macullum Steen
Ben Moore
Samantha Anderson
Andrew Lauver
Rose Wurtzberger
Kimberly Gross
Kaitlin Flick
Haley Deering
Evan Brehm
Ryan Heiniger
Kari Schiefelbein
Stacey Poland
Ciera Ballmer
Dave Peters
Loren G King
Kate Danner
Harlen Persinger
Carol Hunter
Ryan Kanode

Calling all Photographers

The National Corn Growers Association invites amateur and professional photographers alike to help tell the story of farming field corn in America through the  Fields-of-Corn Photo Contest. Through this contest, NCGA seeks high-resolution photos of corn growth from seed to harvest and the families that grow it. 


Contest runs annually, planting through harvest seasons.  

Entry period closed Nov. 30

Voting closes Dec. 31



  • Grand Prize


    Two winners will be selected, one from the seven categories and the most popular.

  • 1st


    A first-place winner will be selected for each category.

  • 2nd


    A second-place winner will be selected for each category.

  • 3rd


    A third-place winner will be selected for each category.

The Rules

  1. Contest is open to legal residents of the United States, including NCGA employees, members and state association members and state checkoff association employees and the families of any of the above. All photos must relate to the contest categories in some way.
  2. Photos will be ranked by the public, online via Facebook "Likes." All photos in each category will be judged by NCGA staff focused on journalism, marketing, advertising and agriculture with no discrimination towards sex, race, gender or age. The panel's decisions are final.
  3. A category may be eliminated if fewer than 6 photos are entered in that category. If the decision is made to cancel a category, any photos within that category will be reassigned to a different category.
  4. All entries and their copyrights will become the property of NCGA and none will be acknowledged or returned. Photos will not be returned and will be used to build a photo library for use by NCGA, its state affiliates and any other permittee of NCGA. Such photos may be used to illustrate newspapers, newsletters, magazines, brochures, other publications and social media. Such photos may also be used in connection with advertising, promotions and displays, may be displayed on the internet or may be used for any other purpose as NCGA, its state affiliates, or any other permittee of NCGA sees fit.
  5. Photo may be color or black/white. We reserve the right to crop your photos if needed. We reserve the right to place your photo in a category other than the one submitted. Please send good-quality photos only. Photos with embedded text or logos will not be accepted.