What's New for 2022


The 2022 contest start date is June 1.

Eight categories include:


  • Corn
  • Conservation
  • Farming Challenges
  • Growing Field Corn
  • Equipment,
  • Scenery and Landscapes
  • Farm Family Lifestyle*
  • New Farm Babies* as in baby livestock, wildlife and pets. Farm Family Lifestyle will continue to be a better category …


While 2019 was a challenging year for many farmers, photographers shared their stories in the sixth National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Fields-of-Corn Photo Contest.


This …


It was a record-breaking year for the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Fields-of-Corn Photo Contest. More than 590 images were submitted for judging in the 2018 contest.


In total, 25 prizes were awarded, representing photographers from 16 states. This year’s grand prize photo was submitted by Ryan Kanode from …


The National Corn Growers Association announced the 16 winners of the 2014 Fields-of-Corn Photo Contest, a contest that provided aspiring photobugs of all types the opportunity to share in – and visually communicate – the great beauty and hard work that make up American agriculture.