Judging and Winning Tips

Two $500 PRIZES: Most Popular and Grand Prize

1st Prize $300, 2nd Prize $200, and 3rd Prize $100 will be awarded in each category.


  • A $500 prize will be given to the photo most popular with Facebook "likes" and;
  • A $500 grand prize will be chosen by a panel of judges


Total of 26 cash prizes!


Resolution Requirements

Make sure your camera or phone is set to the highest resolution possible.

The minimum width in pixels required is now 3000, for photo submissions.

(Photos shot portrait, rotated to landscape will be rejected after submission.)



While Facebook votes have been a consideration in judging the photography across categories, there has been one prize designated by Facebook likes along. For 2022 in addition to the Most Popular prize, two categories will be awarded six prices based 100% on Facebook likes. In the event that there is more than one photo at the top in votes, the photo with the highest number will be awarded. Only one prize per entrant will be awarded. 


New! Farm Babies - This category is for fun! Three awards will be based 100% on Facebook likes. Looking for livestock, wildlife and pets. Please enter the human babies in the Farm Family Lifestyle category.


The Farm Family Lifestyle New for 2022, awards will be based 100% on Facebook likes  - Examples of life on the farm: Generational, Working, Playing, Children, Babies


Corn - Pictures of the mature yellow kernels of corn on or off the cob


Equipment - Tractors, Combines, Trucks, whatever helps you get your job done on the farm.


Growing Field Corn - All stages of growth from planting to harvesting field corn.


Scenery/Landscapes – Examples: Cornfield, Farmland, Livestock, Wildlife, Sunrise and Sunset, Blue Skies, Rainbows, Clouds, etc.


Farming Challenges – Examples: Effects on Crops, Disease, Pests/Insects, Weeds, Weather such as flood, drought, snow, tornado, etc.


Conservation - Conservation technology in action, can be cover crops, and no-till, nutrient management, grass waterways, buffers, wildlife, pollinator protection, and sustainable agriculture.


Winning Tips

  • Share with your Facebook friends to gain more likes and increase your ranking while also showing those who reside outside of farming communities authentic images of rural life. Make sure you keep up with our Facebook page


  • Shoot your photo at the maximum resolution your camera will allow and submit that original without cropping, compressing or reducing the size. 


  • Be safe. Photos of unsafe farm practices will be eliminated.


  • Don't wait to enter, minimum resolution requirements may take longer to upload.


Judges consider quality, relevance, composition, resolution and social media likes. Judges' decisions are final.


Submission ends November 30, at 11:59:59 PM CST. Voting closes December 31, 2022 11:59:59 PM CST .

Winners will be announced in January of 2023.